Aparthotel Rules and Regulations

1. The Regulations shall specify the rules for providing services, liability and staying  in the Aparthotel premises, and it shall constitute an integral part of the agreement which is entered into as of making a reservation via Aparthotel website, OTA (Booking, Airbnb and other) reservation systems, signing a registration card, paying a deposit or paying the whole amounts due for staying at Aparthotel. As of performing the foregoing activities, the Guest shall acknowledge that he/she has read and accepted the provisions of Aparthotel Zakątna Rules and Regulations.
2. The Regulations shall apply to all the Guests staying in the premises of Aparthotel Zakątna.
3. The Regulations shall be available at the Aparthotel Reception Desk, in every suite and at www.aparthotelzakatna.pl

1. Suites shall be booked for hotel nights.
2. A hotel night shall last from 2:00 p.m. on the arrival day to 11:00 a.m. on the departure day.
3. If necessary, a request for prolonging a hotel night must be submitted by the Guest in Aparthotel Reception Desk, by phone or e-mail. Phone number and e-mail address can be found at www.aparthotelzakatna.pl in website tab “Contact”. The Aparthotel shall have the right to refuse a request for prolonging the stay if there is no accommodation left (no vacant rooms) or if such Guests fail to adhere to the binding regulations.
4. The Aparthotel shall reserve the right to refuse a request for prolonging the stay at the Aparthotel if the Guest fails to pay for its recent stay

1. For registration purposes, the Guest shall produce to the Reception Desk Personnel an identity document with a photography and sign a registration card.
2. The Aparthotel Guest shall not be entitled to handover the room to any third parties even if a period for which the Guest paid has not expired.
3. People not registered at the Aparthotel may stay at an Aparthotel room from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
4. Aparthotel shall reserve the right to collect a credit card pre-authorisation at the registration or collect a deposit in cash in the amount of the payment for the stay.
5. Reservation shall be guaranteed if an advance payment is made in the amount of 50% of the reservation value within 3 days of the day of reservation. Failure to settle an advance payment may result in the reservation cancellation.
6. Deposit shall be paid by a traditional bank transfer to Aparthotel bank account, credit/debit card charging or internet transfer (during online reservation).
7. If the Guest does not arrive at the Aparthotel within the time planned, an advance payment shall not be returned.
9. If the Guest resigns from the stay during the hotel night, the Aparthotel shall not reimburse the payment for a respective hotel night.
10. Making reservation in Aparthotel is equivalent to acceptance of the Aparthhotel Rules and Regulations. In case of earlier check out, the payment for the stay remains unchanged, unless agreed otherwise.
11. A request for prolonging the stay beyond the period indicated by the Guest on the arrival day shall be submitted by the Guest according to article 2 point 3 by 9:00 a.m. on the day on which room rental expires. Submitting such a request shall not be tantamount to the prolongation of the stay. The Aparthotel reserves the right not to accept the Guest’s request if there is no vacant accommodation (no vacant rooms) or if Guests fail to adhere to the applicable regulations.

1. Any reservations to the quality of the services provided must be reported immediately by the Guest in the Reception Desk, which will contribute to the improvement of service standards.
2. Aparthotel shall provide the following to its Guests:
• conditions for full and unconstrained relaxation,
• safety during the stay, including information safety,
• professional and polite personnel within all the services provided by the Aparthotel,
• tidying the room, exchange of linen and towels if desired by the Guest
3. Aparthotel, upon the Guest’s request, shall provide the following services for free:
• providing information connected with the stay and travelling,
• taxi ordering
4. Wi-Fi internet is free and available in all suites for 24-hours. Password can be found next to the reception desk entrance.

1. Children under the age of 12 shall be under the custody of legal guardians in the Aparthotel premises. Legal guardians shall be liable for all damage caused as a result of children’s actions.
2. The Aparthotel Guest shall be liable for any type of damage or destruction within the furnishing of Aparthotel suites and other Aparthotel facilities as well as Aparthotel technical devices, caused intentionally or unintentionally (by recklessness and negligence) of the Aparthotel Guest or its visitors. The Aparthotel Guest shall incur the costs of repairing damage on the departure day against an price list prepared by Aparthotel. In the event of failure to cover the costs of damage repair Aparthotel shall settle the dispute amicably by appointing land valuation expert. The Aparthotel shall reserve the right to charge the Guest’s credit card up to the amount equal to the value of the damage caused, determined upon his/her departure.
3. If the provisions of the Regulations are infringed, including but not limited to the destruction and/or damage to the property of the Aparthotel, the Aparthotel shall have the right to refuse to provide the services to the person infringing such provisions. The said person shall promptly adhere to the Aparthotel’s demands, settle any amounts due for hitherto services, pay for any destruction and leave the Aparthotel.
5. The Aparthotel Guest shall be entirely liable for any theft of the Aparthotel’s property (such as towels) and damage within the room furnishing. Immediately after receiving a key to the suite Guest has an obligation to notify the Reception of loss of any item such as towels, kettle and other equipment which is listed in the Aparthotel Equipment List – available in the room.

1. Aparthotel shall not be liable for any damage or loss of a car or other vehicle of the Guest, any objects left therein or live animals, notwithstanding the fact whether such vehicles are parked in the Aparthotel car park or outside it.
2. In the Aparthotel premises there is an unattended monitored car park.
3. Aparthotel Zakątna has a civil liability insurance.
4. Such an insurance applies to the Aparthotel services and accommodation.
5. The said insurance shall cover material loss within the property stored, controlled or protected by the insured as part of its economic activity subject to insurance.
6. Insurance protection shall not cover the following loss:
• as a result of repairs, cleaning or other,
• caused by agreements on rental, contracts of lending for use or other forms of using other persons’ assets,
• within vehicles and their equipment,
• within the property left in vehicles,
• consisting in the loss, replacement, shortages in the stock, caused as a result of making a false statement, deception, enforcement, blackmail, seizure, destruction, removal, concealing, remaking or forging documents or identification signs by the insured.
7. In the event of property theft, the insuring party or the insured shall immediately notify the police. If the insuring party or the insured intentionally or in consequence of negligence, failed to satisfy this obligation, insurer shall not be liable for any loss.
8. The insurance shall also cover damage caused by the manufacturer in connection with launching a product on the market.
9. The insurance shall also cover damage caused by items carried by the Aparthotel Guests to the Aparthotel premises.
10. The insurance shall also apply to damage caused by infecting with a contagious disease.

There is a possibility of sending personal items left in an apartment by a leaving Guest.
If the Guest fails to order sending his/her items away, the Aparthotel shall keep such items for the period of one month and upon expiry of such a term, the said item shall become the property of Aparthotel. Food products shall be kept for 24 hours.

The Aparthotel’s Night Time shall be obligatory from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

1. The Guests shall render the right to submit complaints in the event of noticing any omissions in the quality of the services provided.
2. All the complaints shall be accepted in the Reception Desk – directly to the Aparthotel Personnel if present in the Reception Desk, via e-mail: info@aparthotelzakatna.pl, in writing to: Aparthotel Zakątna, Zakątna Street 19, 33-100 Tarnów.
3. All complaints shall be submitted promptly upon noticing any omissions in the quality of the services provided.
4. All complaints must be submitted in writing, otherwise they shall not be taken into account.

1. Small, clean and disciplined pets are allowed. Guest must inform Aparthotel about bringing their pet during reservation process (information send by e-mail).
2. Within the facility (except external Patio, exit from staircase on -1 level ) smoking cigarettes and other similar products is strictly forbidden, except dedicated places pursuant to the Act of 8 April 2010 on amending the Act on health protection against tobacco and tobacco products usage consequences and the National Sanitary Inspection Act (Journal of Laws, No 81, item 529).
3. Breaching the prohibition of smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products in an Aparthotel room shall be tantamount to expressing consent of the Guest occupying a room for incurring the costs of room dearomatisation in the amount of 100,00 Euro (in words: one hundred Euro 00/100). The above mentioned sum shall be added to the Client’s account.
4. The Guest may be charged with the costs of the Fire Brigade action in the event of activating a fire system.
5. In suites it is forbidden to store hazardous things such as weapon, ammunition, combustible materials, explosives and illumination materials.
6. The Guest shall express its consent to the processing of its personal data pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act (Journal of Laws of 2002, No 101, item 926, as amended) by APARTHOTEL ZAKĄTNA Mariusz Przywara for the needs necessary for handling the Guest’s stay at Aparthotel and benefiting from other services provided by Aparthotel by the Guest. The Guest shall have the right to access the content of its personal data and to correct them.
7. It is forbidden to perform sales canvassing and door-to-door trade in Aparthotel premises.
8. It is forbidden to generate an excessive noise within Aparthotel, generate unpleasant odours, and cause other things disturbing, injuring or irritating other Aparthotel Guests.
9. Guests shall not be allowed to change anything in apartments and their furnishing, excluding minor shifting of furniture and equipment, which does not infringe the functionality and usage safety.
10. In Aparthotel premises (excluding rented apartment) it is forbidden to consume alcohol.
11. A fee for additional room cleaning connected with non typical staining is 300,00 Pln (in words: three hundred Polish zlotys 00/100). The above mentioned sum shall be added to the account.
12. Aparthotel shall have the right to refuse to accept the Guest who during its previous stay breached the Regulations grossly, including but not limited to damaging the Aparthotel property or the property of other Guests, injuring any Guest, Aparthotel personnel or other persons staying in Aparthotel.
13. Due to the fire safety rules, it is forbidden to use electrical heaters and other similar devices that are not part of the apartment equipment. It does not concern chargers and computer power supplies.


Zakątna Street 19
33-100 Tarnów, PL
tel. +48 664 009 460
tel. +48 513 097 392